Friday, November 06, 2009

Flashing Swords Issue 13

This soon-to-be-released issue includes my poem, "Requiem."

Here's the complete Table of Contents:

1.) Nicor by Matthew W. Quinn
2.) Where Dragons Fear to Tread by Christine Lucas
3.) Rite of Life-Giving by Barbara A. Barnett
4.) Requiem by Wesley Lambert
5.) The Legacy of a Distant Treasure by Bruce Durham
6.) Medallions of Lashiva by T. W. Anderson
7.) The Ferrymaster’s Toll by Seth Skorkowsky
8.) The Widow of The Reach by Martin Turton
9.) In the Belly of the Beast by Larry Hodges
10.) By Shackle and Lash by Euan Harvey
11.) Petition by L. S. King
12.) Black Silver by Shawn Neely
13.) Fraker the Axe: Bandits and Demons II by Tim Willard