Monday, July 10, 2006

Upcoming Work

"Infinite Cycle," "Emissary," and "Dark Suzerain"--three short poems in the Poetic Chaos anthology (print).

"Scared Stiff"--story in

"Reflection"--poem in The Writer's Nook and Reader's Corner (online).

"Star-Crossed"--poem in Tales of the Talisman Vol. 2 Issue 2 (print).

"Haints of the Hills," and "The Far Side of Nowhere"--two poems in The Mount Zion Speculative Fiction Review Spring 2006 Issue (print).

Untitled haiku in Scifaikuest, November 2006 Issue (print).

"Not So Well-Done"--poem in the Appalling Limericks anthology, October 2006 (print).

"Full Moon"--story in The Shantytown Anomaly, Issue 3 (print).

Untitled haiku in Scifaikuest Special Edition, August 2006, (DVD-ROM).

Three untitled haiku in Tales of the Talisman Vol. 3 Issue 1 (print).

"If Lightning Crackled through Our Veins"--poem in Beyond Centauri, January 2007 Issue (print).