Sunday, October 09, 2005

Samples of My Work

Here are direct links to a few of my stories and poems currently available online. I hope everyone gets a kick out of these:

"Plausible Deniability" (flash fiction) and "The Dragon" (poem) available at From the Asylum (online). Just click on "Monthly Fiction," on the left, then click on "Review the fiction of 2004." The story is available under July's fiction, and the poem is under November's offerings. *

* For some reason, this website doesn't seem to have individual webpages for its fiction and poetry. Otherwise, I'd directly link to them. I'm sorry about that, but finding them should offer a minimum of headaches.

"Smorgasbord" (flash fiction) at Flash Fantastic.

"Plumed Serpent, Morning Star" (poem) at Astropoetica.

"The Unbroken Circle" (poem) at Gryphonwood.

". . .And Never the Twain Shall Meet" (flash fiction) at

"The Cross" (poem) and "Mary's Pledge" (poem), both found at God's Love. (Click "Enter Here," then "Index," then "Poetry." This should give you easy access to these poems).

"Scottish Lament" (poem) at Contemporary Rhyme. (Scroll down, near the bottom).

"Cerebral Stigmata" (fictional writer guidelines) at Neverary's archives. (Scroll down, near the bottom).

"The Voice" (poem) and "Precious Find" (poem), both found at Amaze: The Cinquain Journal. (Scroll down, near the bottom--issue #5).

"The Parting of Cetus" (poem) at Astropoetica.

"Big Surprise!" (vignette) at Flash Fantastic. (Scroll down to the bottom).

"Ephemera," "Long Way from Home," Gulp!," and "Jack's Beanstalks" (4 haiku) at The Muse Apprentice Guild.

"Build a Better World" (article) at Neverary.

"Problem" (poem) at Sidereality.

"A Price Too Steep" (poem) at Brew City Magazine.